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This site is devoted to my collection of Big Valley stories. It should be noted that it contains both general, het and slash stories. Be careful what you are opening.  If you are under 21 or you are offended by such material, leave now!  Everything here is done in fun and is in  no way intended to infringe on the copyrights of others. Most ot the stories contain graphic adult content.. It's the only warning you are going to get. Heed it well!                             
Stories by Chaps1870
The Broken Road
134,380 words
Big Valley/Bonanza
Author: Chaps1870
Pairing: Jarrod/Adam
Rating: NC-17
For All Eternity
34,349 words
Big Valley
Author: Chaps1870
Pairing: Heath/Jarrod
Rating: NC-17
The Gift
4500 words
Big Valley
Author: Chaps1870
Pairing: Heath/Jarrod
Rating: NC-17
Stories by Buckaroo
Demons of Silence NC-17  75,000 words
Jarrod inadvertantly sets a quilty man free and is tortured because of it. This story contains some sensitive issues including rape and torture.
This is the first story I wrote in or out of fandom and remains my favorite.
When Demons Return NC-17  70,000 words
The nightmare continues six years later when Keller is set free.

Forget Me Not NC-17   71,000 words
Jarrod must face his worst nightmare when his family thinks he is abusing his wife.

Tale of the Bear PG  6200 words
It was just a story, too unbelievable to be taken seriously. Danger and mayhem ensue.

Avalanche PG   8700 words
An innocent family outing in search of a tree teaches them the true meaning of Christmas.

Guardian Angel G  4200 words
Nick's trip home for Christmas isn't as easy as he hoped when his conscience gets the better of him.

The Christmas Bell G  2400 words
A BV take on the Polar Express bell.

Mission in Modoc Country PG  11,500 words
Jarrod and Victoria run for their lives in Indian territory and see their pursuers in a whole new light.

A Man and His Horse NC-17  3350 words
Jarrod loses his horse but really, it's not so bad.

Cassy and Jarrod NC-17  59,000 words
This is a very graphic account of how Jarrod met up with Cassy and a love that couldn't be denied. Part I looks at snippets of their relationship across time. Part II follows from there in a more chronological order.
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